Brother HL-L2300D Toner Reset

Have you replaced your Brother TN2350 toner in your HL-L2300D printer and it is still indicating that the toner level is low? This is a common issue with Brother printers and quite often they need to be manually reset. To do this simply follow the steps below and it will solve the issue:

  1. Press and Hold the Power button until the machine turns off
  2. Open the Toner Door
  3. Press and Hold the Go button and keep it down until step 5
  4. Press the Power button
  5. Release the Go button when the TonerPaper, and Drum lights all turn orange
  6. Press the Go button 9 times
  7. Wait for the TonerPaper, and Drum lights to all light up orange
  8. Press the Go button 5 times
  9. Close the Toner Door