Brother updates firmware on latest printers

We have just been informed that Brother has released a new firmware for their latest inkjet printers. This means that once again the current generic LC133 / LC137 / LC135 and LC139 cartridges are not compatible with this new firmware version.

If your Brother printer was purchsed after August, 2014, the compatible cartridges may not register.

As I stated in my last blog post Brother has now gone down the exact route that Epson have done and we will no longer promote their printers as we believe this to be unethical of the Brother company to operate this way.

The above warning applies to all the cartridges and printer models listed below.

Brother LC-133 Cartridges

DCP J4110DW, MFC J4410DW, MFC J4510DW, MFC J4710DW, MFCJ6920DW, DCPJ152W, MFCJ870DW, DCPJ172W, MFC J475DW, MFCJ245, MFCJ470DW, MFC J6720DW

Brother LC-135XL Cartridges

DCP J4110DW, MFC J4410DW, MFC J4510DW, MFC J4710DW, MFC J6920DW, MFC J6520DW, MFC J6720DW

Brother LC-137XL Cartridges

DCP J4110DW, MFC J4410DW, MFC J4510DW, MFC J4710DW

Brother LC-139 Cartridges

MFC J6520DW, MFC J6720DW, MFC J6920DW

If your Brother printer was purchased before August 2014 then you don't need to worry about the above issues. For those who recently purchased Brother printers then we will have an updated micro-chipped cartridge out soon.

If you have a late model Brother printer (or any other brand) check to see if your SOFTWARE AUTO UPDATES are turned OFF. If they are not turned OFF then turn them OFF. Be warned most printer manufacturers are using the same tactics. Once you update the software then you may not be able to continue using compatible cartridges in your printer.

Note: Ink Hub has now released the new Brother V3.0 series of  LC 133 / 135XL / 137XL / 139XL cartridges which has overcome all firmware compatibility issues. (Feb 2015)

If you have any questions feel free to call our office anytime - Office: 08 7324 3065 or Mob: 0408 691 299

Update: Brother has continued it's firmware updates with all of it's latest printers which utilise the LC 231 and LC 233 cartridge series. So far we have released 2 microchip updates on these cartridges and we are now waiting delivery of the LC 233 Version 3.0 cartridges.

Most users are fine with version 2.0 unless you have recently ran a firmware update. Make sure you turn OFF all updates to your printer or you will experience problems.

We have the latest updated V3.0 cartridges on the way and we are hoping that these will be the final stable version for these cartridges ( fingers crossed). 

Brother LC 233 series chip update

We have just recieved the latest batch of Generic Brother lc 233 ink cartridges ( 30/05/2016 ). These are the V3.0 updated chipped cartridges which we believe will be the final release and that no more firmware releases will occur.

We also have the new range of V3.0 cartridges for the Brother LC 235XL, 237XL and the LC 239XL model cartridges. Fingers crossed that this will be the last update.