Buying a Printer for Home Use

Buying a Printer can be quite a frustrating task if you are not a PC Guru or have some idea of what you are buying. Many of the modern printers look so enticing with so many buttons, pretty lights and such Low price tags. Unfortunately the joy ends when the ink runs out and you discover that a new set of cartridges is more expensive that what the printer cost you.

This is a common cry from customers and a very clever tactic used by the printer companies. If you are after a new printer PLEASE call Ink Hub and ask for our advice! We know which printers are cheap to run and can advise you on all of the different aspects of various printer types and brands. Any inkjet printer which uses cartridges with a built in printhead should be avoided at all costs.

These are typically the printers using only 2 ink cartridges. One is a Black and the other a 'Tricolour'. The crazy thing is that when one colour runs out the whole 'Tricolour' cartridge needs replacing (how dumb is that ! ). In our many years of dealing with the ink side of things I can honestly say that there are only two Inkjet Printers I would ever buy. These are the Canon and Brother printers. The Brother is by far the cheapest printer to run ( if using compatible inks) and next is the Canon (using individual ink cartridges).

All of these printers are available at your local Big W etc and range from $70 up to $299. Printers to avoid (and this comes from 6 years of dealing with 1000's of customers all over Australia) are: Epson - these are by far the most troublesome printer on the market. Ask any ink retailer and I guarantee you'll get the same answer. Lexmark and HP while not bad printers are usually Very Expensive to run.

If you simply want a workhorse to print kids homework, general documents and the odd photo then head down the local Big W and grab a Brother MFC or DCP for around $70 - $90 and you will get years of trouble free, cheap printing. If you are more into printing photos and using photo papers then we recommend the Canon inkjet printers which use either 5 or 6 individual ink cartridges.

These are also available at Big W and are a good printer. We use them here in the Ink Hub office.If you want more advice call Ink Hub today on (08) 7324 3065 or visit our website.