Compatible Ink Cartridges and their advantages

The obvious advantage of a compatible ink cartridge is the low price however there are more. One of the greatest advantages is that a pigment or dye based ink dries almost immediately. On the other hand a genuine oil based ink is quite slow drying.

The huge advantage of this is when you are constantly handling or highlighting your text. When printing invoices all day it is very annoying how easily the genuine ink smudges. Also when trying to highlight over text the oil based ink smudges and can become unreadable.

Compatible inks however dry very fast which totally elleviates these problems. Whenever I purchase a new printer I am so glad when the ink runs out so I can replace it with a fast drying dye base compatible. The print quality is no different and I dont have to worry about smudging !

One other advantage of compatible inks is that they usually contain much more ink. This means more pages of printing for a cheaper price. So dont take our word for it try some of our compatible Printer Cartridges today and see for yourself !