Drum near end of life

After replacing the Drum Unit in many Brother printers the printer will still indicate that the drum is near end of life. Like all older Brother printers they sometimes have issues detecting as to whether or not a cartridge or drum unit has been changed.

When changing a drum unit or a cartridge in a Brother printer make sure that you ALWAYS have the printer turned ON. If the printer is turned OFF then the printer has no idea that the drum unit or toner has actually been replaced.

Often if a printer indicates that the drum needs replacing it can simply be manually reset and continued to be used for quite some time. As long as the print quality has not deteriorated then there is nothing wrong with simply resetting it and continuing to print.

When the print quality deteriorates enough then it is recommended that the drum unit is replaced. Drum units for colour printers can be very expensive so it pays to get as long a life as possible from them. 

To reset the drum counter on Brother Laser printers such as the "Brother MFC-8460N" simply follow these instructions:


  1. Open the front cover.
  2. Press the Clear/Back key.
  3. Press 1 to reset.
  4. Close the front cover, pressing firmly until each side clicks firmly into place.
Once this procedure has been followed the Brother printer should no longer give this message.