Economical Printing Tips

With the rising costs of daily living consumers are looking for ways to cut costs in every way possible. We need to apply these same rules to our printing as there are ways to save significant amounts of your hard earned cash!

There have been many articles written lately in regard to modern printers which consume lavish amounts of ink. Two of the worst offenders for wasting excessive amounts of ink are the HP Officejet Pro 8600 and the Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro 4000. Be warned when purchasing a new printer as to the cost of consumables and also ask for "Qualified" advice before you make the final decision.

HP and Lexmark are known for their over inflated prices on consumables and also for the way their printers waste ink during print head cleans etc. As recommended by the article above if you are printing over a long period each day it is more economical to leave your printer turned ON than to keep turning it ON and OFF. Also try to do as much of your printing in one go rather than spread out over a period of time.

By following the above procedures your printer will do less print head cleans which in turn lowers the amount on ink being used. As stated in previous articles it is best to get advice from experts involved in the printer industry. We strongly recommend that you give us a quick call before you get stuck with a printer which is too dear to run!

At Ink Hub we are passionate about this as choosing the right printer results in many years of cheap, reliable printing. It amazes me just how many people buy printers simply because they have been talked into it by a sales person with absolutely no idea or technical know how.

The other trap is the specials. Wow I can get an Epson $%&*^&.. on special for only $49.00 and it looks so shiny and all the buttons etc. Great deal until you get it home and use it. Ten pages later the introductory cartridges run out and your back at the shop where you purchased it being charged $100 for another set of inks. Next you will only print when you absolutely have to so every time you turn on that Shiny new printer it will do a head clean and flush large amounts of your expensive ink straight into the waste pad ! Next the piezo print head will clog up or you'll get the famous Epson warning "Ink Cartridges Cannot be Recognised ! "

Your final action will be to spend the rest of your living days posting to forums and review sites about the evil's of Epson printers ( just like this fellow ) OK well that's the worst case scenario however it is one we hear too often. By the way his comments about only buying a Canon Printer at the end of the video is quite good advice. Be warned however that you still need to buy the correct model Canon as they also have their Ink Guzzlers.

Once again I cant stress how important it is to be well informed before you part with your valuable dollars. Please call Ink Hub if you want advice and we would be more than happy to assist you in making a wise choice !