Epson Software Updates Warning !

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Epson are up to their old tricks again generously providing you with software updates for their printers. In these updates are their latest bag of tricks to combat the compatible Ink Cartridge market. We have had many customers successfully using our compatible cartridges until downloading the Latest Driver Updates.

Once the update is installed you will start getting the old familiar "Ink Cartridges Cannot Be Recognised" message. Epson printers are becoming incredibly unpopular as they continue their relentless campaign against compatible inks.

If you are considering buying a new printer Epson should be avoided at all costs! Not only for the above issue but also due to the fact that they use a "Piezo" print head which is renowned for clogging. Don't believe me? Jump on Youtube or Google and type in Epson Printers and you'll see 1000's of disgruntled Epson users.


Last update: Sep 17, 2015

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