How to remove ink from your hands

Have you ever been refilling or messing with an ink cartridge and ended up with hands like these in the picture ? All is not lost as there are ways to easily remove the stains so you can look like a normal human being once more.

The most effective way is the following:

Spray Windex (window cleaner) onto your hands and then rub them profusely with a pumice stone. The Windex breaks down the ink while the Pumice Stone is abrasive enough to remove the ink without ripping into your skin.

If you dont like the idea of spraying Windex on your hands then you can also try hair spray or Rubbing Alchahol .

Bleach will also work to remove the ink however only use it watered down and be warned it can burn if used too heavily.

Prevention is often the best cure so maybe before you mess with ink put on some latex gloves first !