HP Printers reject Generic Printer Cartridges

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HP is once again in the media's focus due to it's massive release of software updates to many of it's latest Inkjet printer range.

These unwanted software updates are released regularly by HP to try and slow the spread of generic ink cartridges. 

When these software updates are installed (which often the consumer  doesn't even know about) the printer will no longer accept the non genuine cartridges and they are rendered useless.

Although this recent update has been a major annoyance to most consumers HP are not the only printer company using this strategy. Due to the improved quality of and lower prices of non genuine cartridges they are now a major threat to all of the printer manufacturers.


Which printers are being affected by these updates?

Many of the new model HP inkjet printers have been affected by the latest series of software updates. The following printers are no longer able to use generic inks untill a new chip is developed.

HP Officejet Pro : 8610/8615/8620/8625/8630/8640/8660/x576dw/x476dn/x551dw/x451dw/x451dn/x476dw/6830.

At Ink Hub we already have the updated version of the HP950/951XL cartridges which were released last week imediately after HP launched it's updates. As for the other cartridges we are yet to hear of an update eta. Usually these updated generic cartridges are released not long after the software updates occur however sometimes they are very clever and they take a lot longer to crack.


Are HP the only Printer company doing this?

Definitely not! In fact Epson and now Brother are releasing software updates constantly to try and overcome the spread of generic cartridges. If you dont want this to happen to your printer then it is strongly recommended to turn off your printer's software updates.

The only manufacturer we know of that is not updating their software to combat generic inks is Canon. This is one of the main reasons we push Canon printers and also why we use them ourselves in our office.

What printer manufacturers dont seem to get is that by using these underhanded tactics consumers simply get frustrated and look for other brand printers to escape these annoying software updates.


What methods are used to combat generic cartridges?

There are many methods in which HP and other companies use to manipulate the consumer into using their cartridges. Many people dont realise that printers are Region Locked. If for example you were to take your HP printer over to Europe then you would still need "Oceania" cartridges for it to work.

If a customer tells me that a cartridge doesnt work I always ask them where their printer was purchased from. Iv'e had customers bring Epson printers from the UK and they will not recognise our Genuine or generic inks as they are region locked to the UK only.

HP are a company that also "time locks" many of their cartridges. The manufacture date is encoded into the cartridges microchip and once that date is reached the cartridge will not work. 

Like it or not, printer manufacturers are going to keep using these different tactics to try and slow the spread of non genuine cartridges. They are going to fight to keep their share of the market. Fortunately for us the Chip manufacturers are always working at cracking these updates to keep us supplied with generic inks.

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Update: 24/10/2016

HP back pedals and offers firmware downgrades

HP on their official website announced the HP950 951 934 935 970 971XL downgrade firmware is now available. If you download and install the downgrade firmware then the printers will work with all Version 5.0 Generic Cartridges. For more details go to:


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Last update: May 10, 2017

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