Ink Hub - shop online with confidence

Before you part with your precious money online be sure to make the following checks.

1. Does the company have a phone number ?

2. Does the company have a physical address listed on their website.

3. Will they honour their Guarantee if the product isn't satisfactory !

At Ink Hub we can confidently say yes to all the above. Be warned, if the website you are looking at doesn't satisfy all of the above then don't be surprised if you have problems !

At Ink Hub we get calls regularly from people who have purchased products online from other sites and the cartridges either don't work, they are out of date, they leak or clog the print head. Be warned that if the cartridges are dirt cheap usually you will find they are from a company with no phone number, no physical address and a guarantee which is worthless.

One of the big online Ink Cartridge companies had listed their site on many Australian Directories and the phone number they had listed was actually a Café in Perth! I called the number myself and the guy at the café said he was receiving at least a dozen calls a week from angry customers. No doubt this is still happening.

Don't get me wrong there are many good online retailers out there but do your homework first !