Laser or Inkjet Printer - Which Is Best ?

The choice between a Laser or Inkjet Printer is very much a personal decision which should be based on your printing needs.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages as we will explain as we go.

Basically for home use an Inkjet Printer is by far the best choice. If on the other hand you do high volumes of printing then a Laser Printer may be for you! Let's take a closer look...

The advantages of a Laser Printer are faster printing speeds. This shines through if you are printing 100's of pages at a time. Inkjet Printers are more than capable of this however the print time will be much longer. Inkjet Printers also tend to pause every now and then to do print head cleans which further slows down the speed.

One other advantage of a Laser Printer is that they tend to print slightly more sharper that an Inkjet Printer. Although the difference is not great it may be critical for some.

The down side to Laser Printers is that they tend to be more expensive to run and maintain. Many Laser Printers use Drum Units which must be replaced every so many thousand pages. These can be quite costly. The toner cartridges are also quite expensive. Toner Cartridges use a powder rather than the usual ink and the powder is bonded onto the page by heat.

The advantages of the Inkjet Printer is that they are cheaper to buy and also cheap to run and maintain. They require no Drum Units or replacement parts and they are usually physically smaller than a Laser Printer.

We have converted many of our Business customers from Laser to Inkjet Printers to save them on printing costs. These are mainly businesses who are printing under 100 pages a day and who don't need super high speed printing.

Some of our customers are saving up to $500 a month by converting to Inkjet Printers. This is however based on our recommended printers using our compatible ink cartridges!

Anyone looking at buying a colour Laser Printer I would recommend you do your homework and read plenty of reviews as some of the toners are super expensive!

If you would like further advice on which printers we recommend for economical printing then call Ink Hub on (08) 7324 3065