Printer Ink Prices - The Real Truth

Once again the cost of Printer Ink has hit the newspapers. Genuine ink being quoted at $3000 per litre, cartridges being quoted in millilitres rather than page yield and on and on it goes. Theres so many opinions floating around out there and many of the people writing these articles only know a small part of the story !

First let me say that there is record amounts of Compatible Ink Cartridges flooding the Australian market and many of them are low grade, poorly moulded and use very low quality ink. This is the reason why the Genuine Printer Ink market is still so huge because many compatible inks are simply no good. They leak, they dont fit, theyre not compatible or else they clog the printers "print head" due to the low grade of ink being used.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that there are big savings to be made without compromise however you need to do your homework and buy from a reputable reseller who sells quality compatibles. This can be achieved by shopping around, reading reviews on websites, asking others opinions, phoning the companies and asking them questions about their products etc.

Getting back to the Genuine cartridges let me point the reader to an article which highlights the deception which is going on with ALL of the Printer Manufacturers Products. (Note this is not purely HP but ALL manufacturers doing this)

So why are the Printer Manufacturers charging so much more for their GENUINE product if a GOOD compatible product does the same thing at a much lower price? Well it all comes back to what we said earlier, because theres so much rubbish being sold online that compatibles will continue to recieve bad publicity. This gives the printer manufacturers plenty of ammunition to continue their campaign on the horrid effects that compatibles will have on your printer.

The only real difference between a "quality" compatible and a Genuine is the pretty packaging, the ink also is oil based as compared to pigments and dyes used in compatibles and usually the compatible contains more ink at a fraction of the price!

Let me give you an example of what were looking at. Many of the latest Brother Inkjet Printers use the LC77XL ink cartridges. A genuine set of these will cost you $163.00 from Officeworks. The EXACT same set in a compatible will cost you only $29.50 for the full set.

What's the difference? Obviously the price is the big one, they contain the same amount of ink, the packaging isnt as pretty (that only ends up in the bin) and the quality is no different. We have sold many thousands of these and never had a single complaint only praise.

Another point worthy of mentioning is that with an inkjet printer a large amount of your ink NEVER gets used. Have you ever been printing and heard your printer take off doing it's crazy dance routine ?  That is the printer doing a print head clean. The way it does this is to squirt a heap (and I mean a heap) of your expensive ink through the print head and out into the "Waste Pad". This process simply ensures that all of the microscopic holes in the print head do not get clogged while at the same time costing you money.

So I guess it's up to the end user to chose between the two. You can pay huge dollars for the genuine cartridges or do your homework and buy compatibles from a reputable company and get the same results for a fraction of the cost.