What Printer Should I Buy 2014

Choosing a Printer - 2014

Looking for a new printer for your home or small business? There are so many choices that it can be mind boggling.

To help make the decision easier we thought that we would mention two popular, current model printers and list the distinct advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.

We chose two printers which were both under $110 each to purchase and are reliable as well as very cheap to run (if using generic cartridges). We decided to test both a Laser Printer and an Inkjet Printer and see the differences. The two printers we tested were:

Brother HL - 2240D 

We have been trialling the Brother HL 2240D Laser Printer in our office for the past month. Having always used inkjet printers in the past I wanted something which could print fast. The HL 2240 is a very basic monochrome printer with no frills.

The paper tray is underneath the printer however the feature which impressed me was the manual paper feed at the front. This is great for printing labels or envelopes etc.

The overall feel of the printer is quite flimsy however if treated kindly it should prove reliable. After a month of printing I am quite impressed by the printers performance. It prints extremely fast and print quality is good.

The HL 2240 uses a TN 2240 toner which is good for around 2,500 pages. Using a Generic toner at around $49.90 it proves to be fairly economical to use. Another distinct advantage of the laser printer is that the toner is baked onto the page and wont run or smudge. this is great for label printing or menus etc.

My only gripe with this printer is that it crinkles the labels if they are not put into the manual feed slot perfectly straight. This however is fairly normal for most printers.

The only disadvantages I can see with this printer is that the replacement Drum Unit is around $120 and must be replaced every 12,000 pages. Basically it is cheaper to throw the printer away and buy a new one instead of replacing the drum.

Setting up this printer is very straight forward. Simply unpack the unit, install the toner, load the software and away you go.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a cheap work horse for your home or office which prints fast, cheap and in black and white then it's hard to go past this printer. If you need to print in colour and you want the convenience of scanning and copying then maybe the next printer below is for you.

 Brother dcp - 152w 

The next printer we tested is the Brother dcp-152w Inkjet Printer. This great looking unit will print, scan and copy as well as provide wireless capabilities for printing from any blue tooth capable device.

When setting up this printer the ink compartment felt very flimsy and would need to be handled with care. The small coloured levers which lock the ink cartridges in are even more fragile and care was taken when installing the inks.

Setting this printer up was straight forward and once the software had finished loading we printed our first test page. The first thing we noticed when printing an image was the lack of vibrancy in the colours. This however can be adjusted by changing the colour print modes in the printers software settings.

Overall however I was very impressed with the lay out of the printer, it's ease of use and it's wireless capabilities. Print speed was quite good for an inkjet printer and the software is very easy to navigate.

The only disadvantages with this printer that I can see is the fact that it doesn't take the higher yield cartridges. This however is only a minor issue and it still is a very economical printer to use.

Conclusion: For the price the Brother dcp 152w is a very good buy and I would highly recommend it for a small business or home user. It prints a good picture, it is easy to operate and cheap to run if generic inks are used.