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Welcome to our printer help blog where you can find answers to some of your questions regarding printers and printer consumables. If you have questions you would like us to address please email us and we will endeavour to provide answers for you on this page.

The articles on this blog are to do with the most common problems people have with printers and their associated cartridges. Often problems with printers can be solved easily by contacting our office and our qualified staff who have been in the printer industry for many years are very likely to have the solution.

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B504 error Canon Maxify Printers

The Canon B504 error code occurs when there is no ink flowing to the print-head, which could occur when a cartridge is completely dry or no ink is flowing. What happens when you go to insert a new cartridge, is that the printer automatically looks to do a default printhead clean, but if it finds no ink at the print-head, it will report the dreaded B504 error. 

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HP Printers reject Generic Printer Cartridges

HP has dominated the news headlines for the past two weeks with claims that they have released software updates which prevent existing non genuine printer cartridges from being used in many of their latest printers.

This has been confirmed, yes it is 100% correct that HP have orchestrated this in a move to try and win back their share of the ink cartridge market. 

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Printers you should never buy

Most articles are written to advise people what to buy. We thought we would be a little different and advise people on which printers you should never buy. Please read this article BEFORE you buy your next printer!

For advice on selecting a printer for your home or small business call Ink Hub first. Also you may want to do some research on what the running costs of the printer are and also read some reviews.

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How a Laser Printer works

A Laser Printer is an amazing piece of engineering. They use a Laser Beam to attract toner powder onto a drum which reproduces the image ready to transfer it onto the paper. Then through a series of events the image or toner gets copied onto a piece of paper. The toner powder then gets baked onto the paper at very high temperatures resulting in a crisp image.

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Best Printer for Home Use 2016

Looking for a new printer for home or small business? The guys at Ink Hub have the answers. Our choices are based on purchase price, reliability and the obvious one which is printing costs. 

Before deciding on buying a new printer for 2016 please have a good read of this article and then you will at least be more knowledgeable to be able to make the right choice. 

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Printing in just black and white

We get a heap of enquiries from people wanting to just print in black and white. There is an easy way in Windows to simply default all printing to black and white only.

Be warned that an inkjet printer will still use some colour ink every now and then as it needs to do this to keep the printhead clean and free from ink build up. 

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Officeworks Printer Ink Cartridges

Are you tired of paying top dollar for all of your printer cartridges at Officeworks Stores ? I was and thats why several years ago we decided to do something about it by starting our own company based in Adelaide. While the big Multi National companies such as Officeworks , Harvey Norman and Office National still dominate the market many businesses and home users are now purchasing their ink cartridges and toner online! 

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Epson Photo Stylus R2000 Printhead Cleaning

The Epson Photo Stylus R2000 Inkjet printer is a high end quality printer designed to print high resolution photos. When running well they are an excellent printer but every now and then they need some maintenance. The Epson "Piezo" printhead is well known for clogging, especially if the printer has been sitting around idle or used only in greyscale.

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Ink Hub Launches new website

After 6 months of really hard work we have finally launched our new website. We look forward to recieving feedback from our customers on how we can even further improve the site. So far the feedback has been very encouraging. Thank you to all who have continued to support our business. Soon we will be adding customer loyalty points to most products so that returning customers will recieve discounts when checking out. Stay tuned !

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Ink Hub starts Printer Cartridge Advertising Campaign

The following story was for an ad campaign we ran in a country newspaper. It was launched yesterday ( 19th Sept ) and it will run 3 times over the next four weeks.

How would you like to save up to 75% on your printer cartridges and have them delivered to your door the very next day? Ink Hub in Adelaide has been supplying high quality Compatible printer cartridges since 2007 and we guarantee that the quality and page yield will equal or exceed the brand name cartridges.Maybe you’ve been let down by poor quality generic cartridges in the past. 

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Printers and Generic Cartridges

In recent times there has been a huge swing in popularity to the non brand name inks. Perhaps this trend has been brought on by the slowing economy and the need to cut back on everyday expenses. Whatever the reason is the non genuine inks have flooded the market and they are here to stay. Why pay over $100 for a set of genuine inks when a generic set of the same quality (usually containing more ink) are under $30.

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Buying a printer for home use 2015

Looking for a new printer for the home or small business? Let the experts at Ink Hub recommend a printer that will suite your printing needs. We can guide you to a suitable printer that will do all that you want it to do and not cost you the world to run. Never pay more than about $100 for an inkjet printer as the modern printers are so unreliable and rarely last more than a couple of years before they pack up.

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Canon Support Code 1731 Error Message

The Canon 1731 Support Code Error message is an attempt by Canon to combat the use of generic ink cartridges in their latest printer models. You are still able to use non genuine cartridges if you use the correct procedure.

This is the reason that we warn customers not to update their printers software. Updating your printers software often does nothing to enhance the printers performance and is totally unnecessary.

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Cannot detect ink - Brother Printers

A common issue that many people are experiencing with the latest model Brother Inkjet Printers is the "Cannot Detect Ink" error message when installing a new ink cartridge. There are several reasons for this error message appearing and the most common cause is that retailers are selling generic cartridges with out dated micro chips attached. The micro chip is the small electronic circuit which is attached to the top of each cartridge. This is what the printer looks for as soon as a new cartridge is installed. The micro chip on the Brother cartridge is a very clever little device. It allows the manufacturer to be able to manipulate the printers firmware whenever they desire and by doing so the printer is able to detect the difference between the genuine Brother cartridge and the generic equivalent.

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hp photosmart 5520 ink cartridge problem

Approximately 6 months ago HP released an updated version of their popular Photosmart 5520 printer. The Photosmart 5520 is a very popular model and due to it's very low retail price (typically around $55-00) it has been a very good choice as a cheap, reliable home printer.

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Brother micro-chip their cartridges to gain back market share

In what appears to be an attempt to win back some of it's market share Brother has started to micro-chip all of their new ink cartridges. Up until recently all Brother Inkjet Cartridges never sported a micro-chip and simply relied on the printer to detect all of the information about the individual cartridges including ink levels, colour and compatibility.

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Why Does my printer use 2 Black Cartridges ?
Have you ever wondered why your printer uses 2 black cartridges and only 1 of each colour. The reason is simple. In most Canon printers for example the large black contains a pigment based ink which produces very crisp text etc. The other smaller black contains a dye based ink which is used more for photo or image printing.

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What Printer Should I Buy  2014

Looking for a new printer for your home or small business? There are so many choices that it can be mind boggling. To help make the decision easier we thought that we would mention two popular, current model printers and list the distinct advantages and disadvantages of each one of them. 

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Wireless set up for Canon Pixma Printers

Wireless Connectivity is becoming a standard feature on Most Canon Pixma Printers. Many people however are struggling to to set up the wireless feature so we thought we would use a video to make things easier.

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The Ink Hub Story

With so many blog posts about technical jargon and product information I thought that we would put all of that aside and give readers a brief journey through the Story of Ink Hub from it's humble beginnings to now. 

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Preventing Inkjet Ink from smearing

I had an email from a customer this week who was printing menus for a restaurant and wanted to know how to prevent the ink from bleeding when coming into contact with water. The following article has a few solutions. 

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Error c000 on a Canon Printer

Error message c000 appearing on your Canon Printers Screen is quite common and can usually be resolved by trying several procedures. Often it can be resolved by simply turning the printer OFF and then back ON again. If this doesn't fix the error then you may need to investigate it further and try some of the following:

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Best Printer for Home Use 2014

With such a huge selection of printers to chose from how can you decide which printer is right for your home needs? As with most products nowadays there becomes so many different makes and models available that it can become overwhelming. 

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Canon Pixma Printers. The only choice !

The new 2014 Canon Pixma MX Series Printers are leading the way in technology. With WI-FI connectivity and Full compatibility with SMART devices. No longer do you need to race over to the printer to print a document or image. Now it is simply a matter of connecting via your iPad, Smartphone, laptop or Tablet and simply printing wirelessly. 

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Water Jet Printer. Goodbye Ink Cartridges

The Water Jet Printer instead of ink relies on a specially designed paper impregnated with dyes. These dyes react to the water being jetted onto the paper and in turn produce colours. Instead of replacing ink cartridges all of the time it's simply a matter of refilling the cartridges with water. 

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