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New Improved Formula. Now comes with a HUGE 120ml of Super Powerful Cleaning Fluid. Don't risk your printer by using cheap Chinese cleaning solutions. Ink Hub's new improved formula developed by one of the most Technologically advanced printer consumable companies in the world !

Ink Hub's new Powerful "Printhead Cleaning Solution".
These cleaning kits are great for cleaning printerheads on printers which are not used regularly. Due to the very fine tolerances on modern day printers the printheads can become clogged which can result in lines, very poor printouts or complete blockages.

Simply remove the inkjet cartridges and pump some cleaning fluid into the printhead to make it like new again.
The kit comes complete with its own 10ml syringe and a huge 120ml of cleaning fluid solution.

Printhead Cleaning Video

The cleaning kit in the video is Magic Bullet. Our kits are the same except they are not the Magic Bullet brand.

To prevent print heads from becoming clogged in the first place try to print at least 1 colour page each week (this is critical with Epson printers as they are well known for printhead clogging).

Our cleaning solution is a very strong formula which breaks down the solidified ink without corroding or damaging your delicate printhead. The solutions ingredients consist of a combination of Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl  Ether, Magnesium Hydroxide ( Surfactant ) and Aqueous Ammonia (10%). This formula has proven to be incredibly effective in unblocking dried ink which is situated inside of the printhead.

If your printer has been sitting idle for long periods of time before you use it please do the following: Remove all cartridges and GENTLY tilt them back and forth to redistribute any residue which has settled to the bottom of the cartridges. PLEASE do not shake them as this will aerate the ink and increase the chance of the printhead blocking.

Those who are using CISS (Continuous Ink Systems) need to do this often as the sediment will quickly settle to the bottom of the larger tanks and eventually clog the print head. When using CISS systems make sure you use high quality ink as this will lessen the chance of the print head clogging up.

Our cleaning kit solution will work on all printer types including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark and Kodak printers.  For more information and helpful advice on print head issues feel free to call our friendly staff: Office: (08) 7324 3065 or Mob: 0408 691 299

Note: We cannot guarantee that this product will fix your printer as there are many factors involved such as  printhead damage, weak or faulty purge units  etc which no matter how much you clean the nozzles it will not help. Please remember this before you purchase this product.
Crickey57 31/10/2017

Bought Printer head cleaner and unblocked stubborn blockage. Saved me about $250 if Epson did it. Very fast delivery. Adelaide to Brisbane they next day after I ordered it.

Irene Jonkers 13/02/2017

Hi Dean,
I managed to re soak printer 2 for 6 hours in your solution and it's working. As I suspect my ink to be the culprit, I put in what I received from you, but one set is not enough. I was just in the process of checking my e-mail as I have registerd and purchased another 3 sets. Thank you once again for all your advice, I appreciate it very much.

Malcolm Davies 31/01/2017

Amazing. This printhead cleaning solution unclogged the head on my Epson printer when nothing else would. I still have a heap of the fluid left in case it happens again. Very impressed with this product !

Jane Thompson 12/01/2017

Brilliant service, an absolute life saver. I have an Epson R2880 printer that literally hadn't been used in 6 years. After, disposing of the old dried up inks and almost chewing through a new set of inks (over $200 worth to be exact) conducting printer head cleaning.

In desperation I turned to google search - printer head cleaning - and was directed to ink hub. I was literally getting nowhere and this was my last resort possibly ditching my printer (depressing given that it cost $3000 initially). I ordered online, my product arrived the next morning and let me just say, it worked a treat.

Yes, it took a about three flushes and two days of soaking but my printer is up and running as well as it did when I purchased it. THANK YOU SO MUCH. :) from one very happy customer. Persistence pays off. Thanks Dean.

Damien Joyce 04/10/2016

Unclogged the black nozzle on my Brother MFC inkjet printer. Works great if you can get it into the actual printhead and leave it to soak for a while. It took a bit of messing around but it did actually do what they say.

Julie Coleman 17/09/2016

I thought it was the cartridges at fault but after using this cleaning fluid my printer works perfectly. Great product !

Wayne Mansbridge 29/06/2016

It worked! What more can I say. I applied the cleaning solution and left it overnight. The next day I replaced the cartridges, done a few prints and by the second page the printouts were perfect.

Peter Johnson 13/11/2015

Great stuff. I have an old Canon iP4500 and the Cyan nozzle was completely blocked. I tried everything and in desperation purchased this print head cleaning solution.

It worked a treat. I squirted a few ml into each nozzle and left it overnight. The next morning I put the inks back in and after a few printed pages it works like new again. Thank you as I was close to throwing it out and buying a new printer.

Raymond Beck 06/10/2015

Used it on my Epson printer as it was printing with white streaks horizontally through the images. I had to apply it twice but it seems to be all clear now. I will keep this handy in case it happens again. Thank you also for the technical advice over the phone. Ray

Jonathon Ormrod 05/08/2014

It worked! After trying DIY methods from items i had at home without success, I bought this product & now my printer nozzels are working as they should be! cheers!

Printhead Cleaning Kit

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