Genuine and Compatible (Generic) Toner Comparisons

Many business owners are now turning to “Compatible” or “Remanufactured” Toner Cartridges in an effort to save money. The modern compatible toners are guaranteed to be equal or to exceed the quality of the Genuine OEM Toners. There are so many companies online nowadays offering very cheap toner cartridges (all made in China). Be WARNED many are poor quality and some companies are still using the old "Drill and Fill" method which basically means a small hole is drilled in the side of the toner cartridge and then the toner is refilled (generally with a poor quality toner) and then sealed, boxed and resold. If a toner appears to be too cheap then generally it is safe to assume that it is a low grade Chinese product which may work fine however generally they can cause all kinds of problems. This is one of the reasons compatible and remanufactured products have (In the past) been frowned upon by many!

Compatible Toners what exactly are they?

Most ink cartridge and toner products these days labelled "Compatible" are really whats known as "Remanufactured". The term Compatible is used simply to destinguish the product from a Genuine OEM product. A remanufactured Toner is simply a Genuine Toner which has been fully reconditioned. Now the degree of reconditioning which takes place is the most crucial aspect determining the quality of the final product. It's similar to having a Motor overhauled. Some companies will replace only rings and bearings while a more reputable company will rebore, replace pistons,rings,oil pump etc... So hopefully now you will start to understand why it is important as to who you purchase your "Compatible Toner Cartridges" from.

In the beginning of refill cartridges there were not many options. Toner and internal replacement parts were not readily available, so the quality was not as high as one would like. In recent years all that has changed. One of the most important components that should be replaced in a toner is the drum and the drum blade. These were designed to only last the life of the toner being used from the cartridge. If you were to reuse the original drum it would cause many print defects such as light print, marks and several other image defects. The drum blade would also create streaking and line type image defects. Think of the drum blade as a windshield wiper. When it wears out certain areas are not being cleaned and it makes it hard to see through the window! In the same way certain areas are not being wiped off and you then have lines on the printed pages.

We now have access to not only drums and blades but many other components that wear out and need to be replaced inside the toner cartridge. When selecting a company that refills or sells compatible toner cartridges, I would make sure that they do in fact replace the drum and drum blade, or it will not last and you will have wasted your time and money on something that was supposed to save you money in the first place.

Why Purchase Compatible Toner Cartridges?

Let me be very clear here. Unless you are buying a compatible Toner from a reputable reseller and the toner has been made in an ISO 9001 facility by a well known "Proffessional" company and you recieve a proper Guarantee then and only then would I advise you to use a compatible toner. Compatible Toners represent big cost savings and if they have been remanufactured by a reputable company then they will ALWAYS equal and in many cases exceed the yield of the Genuine product.

Other factors to consider are:

1. Cost - generally a compatible toner will sell for 50 - 70% Cheaper than the Genuine OEM Toner.

2. Environmental - Why throw a used toner straight to Landfill when it can be fully reconditioned and re-used again ?

Final thoughts on Toners

The final choice on toners is up to the individual. At "Ink Hub" almost ALL of our "Remanufactured" toners are Print-Rite. Why? Because they are the BEST toner cartridges on the market. Their toners have a reputation world-wide of being the best and that is why they have become the worlds leading seller of Remanufactured print consumables. All our Toners come with our standard 60 Day Money Back/Replacement Guarantee!

Ink Hub's New range of Premium Toners

Ink Hub has recently teamed up with one of the longest established retailers of Generic Toner Cartridges. The quality of these new Premium toners is second to none. Many of our customers have now made the change to our new premium toners and they are extremely pleased with the cost savings and print quality.

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