Turn off auto updates on HP W2030A and HP W2030X

It has been noticed that new updates by HP are affecting the compatibility of non genuine toners. Users are advised that the firmware update option should be disabled to reduce the risk of updates that automatically lock out aftermarket consumables.

To disable automatic updates for the HP W2030A and HP W2030X  series printers follow the following procedure:

1. Click Setup on the printer display (gear icon)

2. Click service

3. Click LaserJet Update, then click Manage Updates

4. Click on “automatic check” and set this to “Off”, then repeat the process for “Allow updates”

For the HP CF259A and HP CF259X series printers:

1. Press the “OK” button and then the “Settings” tab

2. Click through the menu and press “Print Expectation”

3. Then press the menu item “Update firmware”

4. In the menu item “Update firmware” you will find the settings: “Update Settings” and “Allow updates.”

5. Make sure both of these are set to “off”