B504 error Canon Maxify Printers

The Canon B504 error code is a built in protection to stop the delicate resistors in the print-head from overheating and self destructing. The problem occurs when there is no ink flowing to the print-head to keep it cool, which can occur when a cartridge is run completely dry or no ink is flowing. What happens when you go to insert a new cartridge, is that the printer automatically looks to do a default printhead clean, but if it finds no ink present at the print-head, this is when it will report the dreaded B504 error

 This can happen with genuine OEM cartridges or Generic cartridges - it is an issue with the printer and NOT the cartridges, but there is a fix for this error message, read on.

The below instructions can fix the B504 error and also most "recognition" issues, error codes, or poor printing problems with the Maxify model printers.

Instructions for use of the Canon PGI-1600XL / PGI-2600XL compatible cartridges 

  1. When installing remove cartridges from the plastic wrapping but do not pierce any of the plastic membranes as this will occur automatically during the cartridge instillation.

  2. If one or more cartridges are removed from the printer for any reason when they are fully exhausted or when no ink is flowing, you may experience an error code such as B504. This is due to the printer design, not due to the cartridge design. It happens because when you install a new cartridge, the printer automatically goes into a cleaning cycle, but if there is no ink in the print-head, it will generate a B504 error and prevent the printer from operating.

  3. Note: Understand that the reason behind the B504 error warning is to prevent the print-head from being damaged when the printer senses that no ink is present at the print-head. Canon printers utilise a "Thermal Print-head" which is the most delicate part of the printer and usually the first component to fail. If ink is not flowing through the print-head while in use the minute resistors in the print-head can get so hot that they simply burn out. Canon for some reason are quick to blame the use of generic cartridges for this problem however this has nothing at all to do with the use of generic inks.

The solution to the B504 error code

            i.            With the printer turned on, unplug the power cord and open the front cover.
         ii.            Move the print-head cart manually to the location of cartridge replacement (if the print-head cart is not movable, plug the printer back on / switch it on and then unplug it again when the print-head cart is in a movable position)
        iii.            Place your index finger above the cartridge you wish to change, and press on the fastener that is located under the black plectrum, you will hear a clicking sound, and the cartridge will eject. Change other cartridges in this way as needed.
After replacing with new cartridge (s), close the front printer cover, plug in the power cord and restart the printer for normal use.

Fix the Canon B504 Error by doing a hard reset on your printer

If you dont have any results from the above procedure follow the instructions on the following video and do a full reset on your printers memory:

How to Remove Cartridges from Canon Maxify MB2020, MB2320, MB5020, MB5320, iB4020

When your Canon Maxify printer displays the B504 error message the ink cartridges cannot be removed. There is a method however to remove the cartridges even while the B504 error is displayed.It is not recommended to do this however unless you have run out of options. By following the instructions in the following video you can remove and replace cartridges without damaging the printer. Remember that if you follow this procedure correctly you shouldn't need to apply excessive force to any part of the printer.

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