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Cartridge is not recognized

September 06, 2018

Often when installing a printer cartridge your printer will tell you that it cannot be recognised by the printer. This is a very common problem with all of the various brands of printers and usually there is a solution. Epson…

What happened when my printer died

August 03, 2018

The story which follows was emailed to me by one of my customers. He is a older gentleman who was a well known Lawyer so he isnt a fella to be messing with. The story is self explanatory and the stor…

How to remove Ink Cartridges from a Canon Maxify Printer

July 26, 2018

DO NOT under any circumstance pierce, remove or tamper with these. When you install the cartridges into the printer the printer itself will pierce these and cause a tight seal against the printer inlet valve.If you tamper with this seal then the…

Online Printer Cartridge Stores

July 11, 2018

Out of all the ecommerce sites on the internet the printer cartridge store is propably the most complex design of all. Not only are the website requirements extreme but also the print consumables industry itself is perhaps the most competitive, cut…

Printer Firmware and Software Explained

July 09, 2018

Most people have heard of the terms Firmware and Software Updates if they have used a computer for any length of time but many wouldnt have a clue as to the difference between the two.Both software and firmware updates can cause huge…