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Brother LC 3313 Compatible Value Pack

$39.90 $52.90 SAVE 25% Ex Tax: $36.27

Brother LC 3319XL Compatible Value Pack

$39.90 $69.90 SAVE 43% Ex Tax: $36.27

Brother TN 255 Compatible Value Pack

$169.90 $219.90 SAVE 23% Ex Tax: $154.45

Brother TN 257 Compatible Value Pack

$239.90 $289.90 SAVE 17% Ex Tax: $218.09

Canon PGI-670XL / CLI-671XL Compatible Value Pack

$43.90 $75.90 SAVE 42% Ex Tax: $39.91

Canon PGI-680XXL / CLI-681XXL Compatible Value Pack

$69.90 $89.90 SAVE 22% Ex Tax: $63.55

Epson 220XL Compatible Value Pack

$31.70 $36.30 SAVE 13% Ex Tax: $28.82

Epson 29XL Compatible Value Pack

$32.90 $54.90 SAVE 40% Ex Tax: $29.91

Epson 702XL Compatible Value Pack

$59.90 $72.90 SAVE 18% Ex Tax: $54.45

HP 950XL / HP 951XL Compatible Value Pack

$42.90 $65.90 SAVE 35% Ex Tax: $39.00

HP 955XL Compatible Value Pack

$59.90 $109.90 SAVE 45% Ex Tax: $54.45

HP 975X Compatible Value Pack

$409.90 $495.90 SAVE 17% Ex Tax: $372.64

Printer Blog

Brother MFC-L3750CDW Toner Reset

Brother MFC-L3750CDW Toner Reset

Apr 29, 2020

Brother printers both inkjet and laser have a common issue with not detecting new cartridges when installed. Today we are looking at resetting a toner cartridge in a Brother MFC-L3750CDW laser printer. Always have your printer turned ON when replacing a cartridge and it's best to only replace them when you are prompted to do so. This usually reduces the chance of the cartridge needing to be manually reset although it's not guaranteed and in case of this the manual reset procedure is very easy to follow.

HP adds to the misery of the Corona Virus

HP adds to the misery of the Corona Virus

Mar 18, 2020

HP Print Consumables have stooped to an all time low by releasing yet another printer firmware update to combat the use of non genuine cartridges. As if the general population is not suffering enough, now consumers once again must throw out their generic cartridges and pay top dollar to replace them with over inflated HP cartridges.

HP Firmware Downgrade - HP955XL | HP905XL | HP975X

HP Firmware Downgrade - HP955XL | HP905XL | HP975X

Nov 15, 2019

The following article contains links to firmware downgrades which will enable your generic cartridges to work again. If you recently updated your HP printers firmware or it automatically updated itself and your inks were no longer recognized then this is the solution.This only works for generic cartridges which use the Apex brand microchips. This covers all of the Ink hub range and many other generic brands.

Best Home Printer 2020 Australia

Best Home Printer 2020 Australia

Oct 30, 2019

Looking for the best deals in Australia on Inkjet printers for your home or small business? Look no further as we will be listing all of the best buys for 2020 but ONLY for printers which we recommend that are reliable and cheapest to run! Dont get sucked in by the $50 specials that end up costing you $70 to replace the inks ! Call the experts at Ink Hub for the best advice on a new printer that wont send you broke.

Turn off Epson printer updates

Turn off Epson printer updates

Oct 15, 2019

Epson has just released another update for many of their printers ( October 2019 ). Once again these updates do absolutely nothing at all to improve the printers performance as they are purely done to stop the use of Generic cartridges.If you follow the instructions given in this article then you can continue using your non-genuine inks without any problems. If you don't turn off the updates then your current batch of cartridges will be rendered useless.