About Us

Ink Hub started in Adelaide in 2006 when a need for cheaper printer ink consumables was realized. Over the last 14 years we have fine tuned our products to bring you extremely reliable Compatible Inks and Toner at very low prices compared to the Genuine products.

Unlike many of the online stores Ink Hub only sells the cartridges which have been tried and tested to be super reliable. If any products prove to show any issues whatsoever then we discontinue selling them. By having this very strict quality control we are confident that all of our Compatible Ink Cartridges will give you the same performance as the genuine ones at a fraction of the price.

Over the last 14 years our team has gained a great deal of experience in the print consumables industry. This experience has enabled us to source and test a huge range of Compatible cartridges and to fine tune what we sell to provide unequaled reliability and a high level of confidence in our products.

Ink Hub's customers range from the everyday home users, small business through to schools, large industry and the corporate sector. In the printer consumables industry we have whats called a returns or failure rate. This applies both for Genuine and Compatible cartridges and toner. Our Compatible Cartridge return rate is almost non existent. Once again this is due to our very strict quality control.

At Ink Hub we are constantly in touch with our customers and we are always receiving feedback on various printers etc. This gives us a really good overview of which printers are reliable and which aren't. If you are looking to purchase a new Inkjet Printer and need advice PLEASE call us and we would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

Dean Michael (Manager)