HP Firmware Downgrade - HP955XL | HP905XL | HP975X

The following article contains links to firmware downgrades which will enable your generic cartridges to work again. If you recently updated your HP printers firmware or it automatically updated itself and your inks were no longer recognized then this is the solution.

This only works for generic cartridges which use the Apex brand microchips. This covers all of the Ink hub range and many other generic brands. We have tested the downgrade on the HP955XL printers and it works a treat.

Simply follow the appropriate link below for your cartridge model, download the free firmware downgrade and follow the instructions for your printer model.

Some customers who have been using HP phone Apps have reported that even after their printers firmware update was turned OFF the App was somehow allowing the upgrades to be downloaded onto their printers. Although I haven't confirmed this I have had several reports that seem to indicate that this is happening. If you have any information that you can share about this please contact me so that we can let people know exactly what HP are up to.

HP955XL Firmware Downgrade

HP955XL Firmware Downgrade - HP Officejet Pro: 7740, 8210, 8216, 8710, 8720, 8730, 8740, 8745

HP905XL Firmware Downgrade

HP905XL Firmware Downgrade - HP Officejet Pro: 7740, 8210, 8216, 8710, 8720, 8730, 8740, 8745

HP975X Firmware Downgrade

HP975X Firmware Downgrade - HP Officejet Pro: 452, 477, 552, 577, HP PageWide Managed: P55250DW, P57750DW

Like it or not HP and other printer manufacturers are continually trying to destroy the generic cartridge industry. Fortunately we are still winning the battle and by doing this we are able to save the end user a heap of money.

If you have found this article useful please link to this page and help others to get their printers back in action and enable them to use the cartridges of their choice rather than having Big Brother force us to pay huge amounts for their brand name inks.

Ink Hub already has the updated Generic HP cartridges which work perfectly with the latest firmware updates. This article is for those who purchased earlier chip version cartridges and need a solution to get them working correctly again.

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Update 18th Dec 2019: Many customers have been able to successfully download and install the above HP downgrades. We have even had customers with the very old HP 955XL V3.0 chip cartridges that have been able to get them to work again after downgrading the firmware.

Update 25th March 2020: Another update launched by HP which once again affects all non genuine cartridges. Once again this downgrade is a fix for this latest attack by HP.

Instructions for downgrade

Note: Several customers have mentioned that the downgrade appears not to have installed correctly however they have found that after going through the above procedure that you MUST remove any USB connection to the printer and then turn the printer OFF and then ON again. Once this was done the firmware installed and the generic cartridges were usable again. Below is the typical screen you may see before rebooting the printer.

Update 25th April 2020: We now have plenty of the new V9.0 chip version cartridges of the HP955XL and 905XL variety in stock. These work fine even with the very latest firmware change. Once again we stress to all customers to TURN OFF the printer's updates.

Update 18th March 2021: we are now up to the new V11.3 Blue Chip version of the HP 955XL cartridges. So far there have been no issues whatsoever in regards to compatibility. The downgrade instructions above are no longer relevant. Just make sure that you turn OFF all printer updates on the actual printer itself and then you will not experience any issues when using non genuine cartridges. The new V11.3 Blue Chip 955XL cartridges are fully compatible with ALL firmware versions even the very oldest versions.