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Looking for the best cheap printer deals in Australia in 2022.  Looking for an Inkjet printer for your home or small business that uses cheap ink? Look no further as we will be listing all of the best buys but ONLY for printers which we recommend that are reliable and cheap to run! Instead of doing a load of Printer Reviews we thought that we would just suggest a few printers that we know are cheap to run, cheap to buy and reliable. The best value printer for ink replacement and actual printer purchase price can be found below, read on...

NEVER get sucked in to buying a cheap printer which only uses 2 ink cartridges. The printer ink for these type of printers are VERY EXPENSIVE and are usually not available in generics. Also don't allow the aesthetics of the printer to over ride your logic as there are loads of pretty looking printers around but can you afford to run them?

Important: We strongly recommend when buying an inkjet printer not to spend too much money as the average life of a printer nowadays is between 1 - 2 years. Most often inkjet printers will die due to print-head failure or the drive gear wearing out. There are almost always good multi-function printers available on special for around the $60 - $80 mark if you shop around. Unfortunately since the Corona Virus hit there are not too many cheap printers to recommend as most are out of stock due to the heavy demand from when everyone was working from home.

Attention: Looking for bargain priced cartridges for your new Canon printer? Checkout our Canon PGI680XXL and CLI681XXL ink cartridges. 

Note: If you intend on buying a printer that can run seamlessly on generic cartridges then avoid HP printers like the plague. HP are relentless on combating the use of non genuine ink cartridges in their printers so be warned. If you think that this won't affect you then think again. HP have updated their software automatically at least 10 times in the past 2 years. Many customers are finding that even if you have updates turned OFF they are slipping them in sneakily via connected wi-fi apparatus such as phones etc.

Also don't think that the cheaper inkjet printers wont produce a great photo just because they are cheap. Even the $70 cheapies are now printing at very high resolutions and they will produce great photos with generic inks. Anyway take a look at the current printer specials:


This weeks best printer buys - May 24, 2021

Brother DCP J1100DW

The Brother DCP J1100DW is one of Brother's latest printers multi function A4 inkjet printers. At just a touch under $300 it is not the cheapest inkjet printer on the market however it is a great printer if printing costs are at the forefront of your needs. Unlike many of the latest inkjet printers which use standard capacity cartridges this printer uses mammoth sized cartridges that are loaded with ink.

As with all of our printer choices we always rate them on 3 main aspects. The first is reliability, then the ability to handle generic cartridges and last but not least the cost of printing per page. The Brother DCP J1100DW Black cartridge contain 65ml of Ink while each colour cartridge contains 16ml of ink making them the ideal choice if you are printing a lot of text based pages. The DCP J1100DW uses the Brother LC3333 ink cartridges.

This is the equivalent of at least 3,000 pages of black and 1,500 pages each colour. At a cost of $75-90 per set this represents very economical printing. By the way this printer runs like a dream on good quality generic cartridges. For more details on this printer check it out at Officeworks.

$294 at Officeworks 

Brother HL-L2395DW

The Brother HL-L2395DW is another great buy at the moment. Officeworks have them on special for only $214.00 which is a bargain. The HL-L2395DW has print, scan and copy facilities as well as duplex printing and wi-fi. This printer uses a toner cartridge capable of 3,000 pages which we have available in generic form for only $42.90.

The Brother Laser printers work fantastically well with non genuine cartridges and they represent a huge saving over the genuine Brother cartridges. Remember that this printer is a mono-laser and does not print in black and white. If you can get away with black and white only printing then this printer is perhaps the only choice for an MFC printer as they usually last for many years, are cheap to run, print very fast and unlike an inkjet printer you don't have to worry about nozzles clogging up from lack of use.

I already grabbed one of these and set it up for a third party and they are just are just so easy to get up and running and even easier to use.

$214-00 at Officeworks

Brother MFC J6530DW

The Brother MFC J6530DW is currently on special at Officeworks for $248-00 which is a really good buy. The Brother printers are great work horses and usually have a bit longer life than most modern inkjet printers.

The Brother MFC J6530DW is a more high end, quality inkjet printer with all the bells and whistles to run your small business or office needs. The MFC J 6350DW uses the LC3319XL cartridges which we sell for under $43-90 for the full set. This is perhaps one of the cheapest inkjet printers on the market in regards to printing costs.

The only known issue with these is that the black print nozzle can clog if the printer is not used regularly. This is a common issue with all Brother inkjet printers however if used regularly it may never occur.

Some of the features of this printer include fast print speeds, Double sided printing, Fax and full Wi-Fi capabilities. I would highly recommend this printer if you are in the market for a high end inkjet printer that is reliable and cheap to run when using high quality generic cartridges. The cartridges are here: Brother LC3319XL ink cartridges.

The Brother MFC J6530DW is a very impressive looking piece of equipment however be warned as it is physically quite a bit larger than the average inkjet printer. If space is not an issue then it's worth taking a look at this printer, you are sure to be impressed. 

$248-00 at Officeworks

Brother HL-L2305W

If you want a great little printer that's cheap to buy, cheap to run and prints at high speeds then the Brother HL-L2305W is the printer for you. It is a Mono-Laser printer which means that it only prints in black and white which makes this printer ideal for the small office or home use.

I actually just purchased one for our office to print out the eParcel labels. This printer is ideal for labels etc as the laser printout is very water resistant (unlike inkjet printouts). The Brother HL-L2305W is also quite compact in size and it works perfectly with generic toner cartridges. I was so impressed by this printer that I purchased a second one as a spare.

When using generic toners this printer is perhaps one of the most economical printers on the Australian market. Using our High Yield Brother TN2350 toner you can print up to 5,200 pages for only $52-90. Hows that for value?

Take a look here for the full review of the Brother HL-L2305W Laser Printer

HL-L2305W Only $118-00 at Officeworks

Epson XP-4105

The Epson XP-4105 is one of the only cheap inkjet printers on the market that I can recommend. If you have read my articles over the years then you would be well aware of my disliking of Epson printers. The reason I am recommending this model is it's very cheap price and the fact that it is very cheap to run on generic cartridges.

A word of warning though is that you must print regularly with these printers or else the nozzles tend to clog. If you are mainly printing in black and white then make sure to print at least one colour page a week to stop clogging from occurring. For a $79-00 printer the XP-4105 should give you several years of trouble free printing.

$79-00 at Officeworks

Some advice when buying a printer

One point I cant stress enough when buying a printer at your local Officeworks, Harvey Norman or any other large store is dont believe all of the advice that you are given. The number of people we get ringing up who have been fed the wrong information on printers is ridiculous.

I always tell people that the amount of training that most of these sales people have is only very basic as they have a huge range of products that they need to cover so their actual knowledge of various printers is minimal.

This is in no way a criticism of these folks as I am simply trying to get across the fact that we are talking everyday of the week to customers Australia wide so we know what works and what doesn't. Also we know which printers are cheap to run, easy to use and reliable so PLEASE take our advice on the printers we recommend. Want to print Transparencies? Have a read if you want to know more about Printer For Transparencies review

We strongly recommend any of the above printers as they represent great value and reliability as well as economical printing. If you would like further advice on inkjet printers call Ink Hub: (08) 7324 3065

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