Best Printer Deals in Australia 2017

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Looking for the best cheap printer deals in Australia in 2017.  Looking for an Inkjet printer for your home or small business? Look no further as we will be listing all of the best buys but ONLY for printers which we recommend that are reliable and cheap to run!

NEVER get sucked in to buying a cheap printer which only uses 2 ink cartridges. The inks for these printers are VERY EXPENSIVE and are usually not available in generics. 

Important: We strongly recommend that when buying an inkjet printer not to spend too much money as the average life of a printer nowadays is between 1 - 2 years. Most often inkjet printers will die due to print-head failure or the drive gear wearing out. There are almost always good multifunction printers available on special for around the $60 - $80 mark if you shop around.


This weeks best printer buys - February 21, 2017


Canon PIXMA MG5765

The Canon MG5765 is a great buy at the moment. It is a multifunction, print, scan and copy with full wireless capabilities.The MG5765 uses 5 individual cartridges and these printers work like a charm with generic ink cartridges

$69-00 at Officeworks

Canon PIXMA MG5760

The Canon MG5760 is another great printer with all the features. With full print, scan and copy features as well as wireless capabilities these are a great deal. Work brilliantly with generic ink cartridges.

$79-00 at BigW

Canon MG5760

The Canon MG5760 is another great printer which we highly recommend. We use them here in the Ink Hub office and I love them.

The inks are cheap and once again they work perfectly with generic inks.

  $69-00 at JB Hi-Fi


Brother DCP-J562DW

The Brother DCP-J562 is also on special at Big W. This is also quite a good printer and very cheap to run. This printer is a multifunction Print / Scan and Copy which uses 4 x LC 233 cartridges. We have these for $29-70 per set so they are a very cheap printer to run.

$99-00 at Big W




We strongly recommend any of the above printers as they represent great value and reliability as well as economical printing. If you would like further advice on inkjet printers call Ink Hub: (08) 7324 3065

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