Cannot detect ink - Brother Printers

A common issue that many people are experiencing with the latest model Brother Inkjet Printers is the "Cannot Detect Ink" error message when installing a new ink cartridge. There are several reasons for this error message appearing and the most common cause is that retailers are selling generic cartridges with out dated micro chips attached.The micro chip is the small electronic circuit which is attached to the top of each cartridge. This is what the printer looks for as soon as a new cartridge is installed. The micro chip on the Brother cartridge is a very clever little device.

It allows the manufacturer to be able to manipulate the printers firmware whenever they desire and by doing so the printer is able to detect the difference between the genuine Brother cartridge and the generic equivalent. This process is not uncommon and has been used by most printer company's including Epson, HP, Samsung and to a lesser extent Canon.As a retailer of generic inks we are very watchful of this and we keep a very close eye on when these "Firmware updates" occur. As soon as we hear of an update occurring we contact our wholesalers and as soon as updated generic cartridges are available we grab them.

This is why you must buy generic ink from a reputable dealer

Most online retailers selling generic inks simply import 50,000 plus inks at a time and when a firmware update occurs they continue selling their current stock until they get rid of it all. This is where Ink Hub is different. In the last 6 months we have gone through 3 shipments of the latest LC 133/LC 135XL/LC 137XL and LC 139XL Cartridges. What this means is as soon as we hear of compatibility issues with these cartridges we import a whole new batch with the updated micro chips and all our current stock gets dumped !

This process becomes quite costly for us however our goal is to make sure that our customers always have the latest updated cartridges which guarantees they will work exactly the same as the genuine Brother cartridges. Our latest Brother Version 2.0 cartridges have just arrived (Jan 2015) and they are fully compatible with all of the latest model Brother printers.If you would like more information on Brother cartridges or any other query feel free to call Ink Hub - Office: (08) 7324 3065 Mob: 0408 691 299