HP adds to the misery of the Corona Virus

HP Print Consumables have stooped to an all time low by releasing yet another printer firmware update to combat the use of non genuine cartridges. As if the general population is not suffering enough, now consumers once again must throw out their generic cartridges and pay top dollar to replace them with over inflated HP cartridges.

To be honest I am really surprised that HP would stoop so low at a time of hardship for so many people. Shame on you HP for your relentless greed. If you are looking to purchase a new printer then avoid HP like the plague.

The HP cartridges affected are the HP955XL and the HP905XL series cartridges. If you don't have your automatic updates turned OFF then your cartridges will not work. We tell folks this time after time but they simply do not listen. If you have a HP printer TURN OFF the auto updates or else expect problems.

In case you were wondering we have approached the ACCC and spoke in depth to them about these under hand tactics which HP are using and they simply don't want to know about it. I have contacted them on several occasions and given them a great deal of information but they refused to act on it. I no longer pursue this with the ACCC as they simply don't care.

How long has HP been using these tactics?

That is a good question. They have been doing it for years and years and they simply don't care. Yes HP are losing megabucks in revenue however so are 1000's of other companies as the economy falls into recession world wide. Unfortunately HP are too stupid to realize that these tactics are not helping their cause.

I have heard folks say for years now that they would purchase genuine cartridges if the prices weren't so ridiculously high. The general public has no idea of how cheap these cartridges are produced in China. On average these cartridges would cost no more than a few dollars to be produced however HP over inflate the prices to a ridiculous level.

Anyway folks it's time that you all made a stand and stop buying HP printers. There are much better printers on the market that work fine with non genuine inks and they don't have use these pathetic updates to throw a spanner in the works.

How to turn OFF the HP printer updates

The only way to combat this problem if you are using non genuine HP cartridges is to turn OFF the auto updates. If you don't do this and you experience issues then there is no-one to blame but yourself. The following procedure will walk you through how to turn OFF the updates:

Six Steps to Close Printer Automatic Updates 

1.0 Click on “Printer Update 

1.1 Click “Setup” on printer 

1.2 Click on "Options”

1.3 Click on “Printer Maintenance” 

1.4 Click on “Do Not Check” 

1.5 Click on “Update the Printer” 

1.6 Click “No” for Printer Update.

 Another scenario that you may come across is the following message:

It is strongly recommended that you allow the printer to 

periodically check for updates. Do you want to turn on Printer 


1.1 Notice: When trying to turn off the “Printer Update”, it may prompt 

The feature has been locked by the person who set up the printer.” 

It’s impossible to turn off this function, but click on “OK” anyway. 

Update the Printer 

Check for Printer Updates Now 

Printer Update Options Auto 

1.2 Back to last step, click on “Restore” 

Feature Locked 

This feature has been locked by the 

person who set up the printer. 


1.3 Click on “Restore Factory 


Printer Maintenance 

Clean Smear Start 

Update the Printer 

Restore Restore 

Restore Settings Restore Factory Defaults 

Cold Reset 

1.4 Once “Restore Factory Defaults” is set, then you can follow the 

normal operation procedures to turn off the Printer Update options. 

Notice: Updating firmware may cause replacement chips 

to fail to work properly, please click “No” when above 

notice (as picture 2) shows to turn off “Printer Update”. 

Click “No” for Printer Update

If you are struggling with understanding the above instructions then please checkout the attached pdf file. You may have to zoom to 150% to read it easily. Anyway folks don't hesitate to call us if you need further help and PLEASE share this article as much as possible to help others be able to continue to chose which cartridges they want to use. Thank you.

Visit this page if you need to downgrade your HP printers firmware.

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