U053 error Canon Printer

While installing a replacement ink cartridge the error message U053 appears on your screen. This is a common error message for Canon printers and it is associated with the print head having problems detecting 1 or more ink cartridges.

This fault can be caused by either a problem within the print head itself or else a faulty micro chip on one or more ink cartridges. Also a bad connection between the ink cartridge and the printer terminals can result in the U053 message appearing.

First step to solving this issue is to remove all cartridges from the printer and carefully clean the small micro chips on the cartridges with a non oily cleaning solution such as pure alcohol. Next take a look inside the print head and check that there is no congealed ink stuck to the small gold terminals which connect to the micro chip when the cartridge is inserted.

Once these steps have been performed re install all cartridges and see if the error disappears. If it remains see if any individual cartridge has a red cross above it. If so replace the faulty cartridge. If none of the above steps work then your print head may have died.