Why Canon Inkjet Printers are the Best !

When choosing a printer for home or small business the Canon Inkjet Printers are by far the best choice!

This is so for a number of reason. The first of these is reliability. Canon have been in the printer industry now for many years and have produced a superior print head known as the "Bubble Jet" or thermal print head.

Unlike many modern Inkjet Printers  which use the "Piezo"  print head the Bubble Jet is far superior. It uses no moving parts, It is much less likely to clog and most Canon printers have a removable print head for easy maintenance. This doesn't apply however to Canon printers which use only 2 cartridges as these models have the actual print head built into the Ink Cartridges. Avoid these models as they are very expensive to run!

Another big advantage with Canon printers is that the software is very well designed and they are very user friendly. Canon Inkjet Printers also will work extremely well with Compatible or Non Genuine Ink Cartridges. Canon don't engineer their printers to try to combat Non Genuine Inks as do Epson, HP and others.

If in the unlikely event that your Canon printers head becomes clogged then you can simply remove it and wash out any dried ink under the hot water tap. This is a very simple process and Canon still seem to be the only company to use a removable print head.

When looking to purchase a Canon printer look for the ones which use 5 separate cartridges. These are by far the most economical to run as you only need replace each colour as it runs out. Try to avoid the models which use the extra Grey Cartridge. While Canon say it improves picture quality it is also an extra expense.

If you would like any further advice on Inkjet Printers feel free to call Dean at Ink Hub on (08) 7324 3065 or Mob: 0408 69 1299