Officeworks Printer Ink Cartridges

Are you tired of paying top dollar for all of your printer ink at Officeworks Stores ? I was and thats why several years ago we decided to do something about it by starting our own company based in Adelaide. While the big Multi National companies such as Officeworks , Harvey Norman and Office National still dominate the market many businesses and home users are now purchasing their ink cartridges and toner online! With Free delivery for orders over $65.00 to all locations from Adelaide,Brisbane,Canberra,Melbourne,Perth to Sydney and Hobart .

The Alternative to Officeworks

Ink Hub has fast become one of the leading online retailers of both Genuine and High Quality compatible Print consumables for Brother Printer Cartridges, Canon, Epson, HP and more! We stock the full range of toners and printer cartridges for almost every available printer, fax or copier. With warehouses in almost EVERY capital city of Australia we guarantee very fast delivery times. Ink Hub only stocks the highest quality compatible toners and ink cartridges and all of our compatible products are sourced from the best companies in the industry. Make your own price comparison to Officeworks.

No matter what product you are after Ink Hub will supply it and FAST to locations Australia wide ! Give Ink Hub a call today and talk to one of our friendly staff about how we can start saving your company big dollars. Ink Hub supplies thousands of customer locations throughout Australia and beyond. Our customers range from home users to schools through to very large corporate industry. We ship cartridges daily to Adelaide,Brisbane,Melbourne,Sydney,Perth,Canberra,Darwin and Hobart.

Our alternative products

Our range of compatible toner cartridges have become massive sellers. They are made by one of the World's leading Ink Cartridges and Toner manufacturer. Our Premium Toner range are without doubt the BEST and most trusted compatible print consumables on the market and the quality is second to none. Don't risk your valuable Laser printer by using an inferior "Drill and Fill" refilled toner. All of our generic toners are brand new or in some cases FULLY remanufactured and unlike many other companies (who have given compatible products a bad name) our toners ALWAYS have new wiper blades and drums.

As with everything we sell you get a 60 DAY MONEY BACK/REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE !

Who owns Officeworks ?

Officeworks is owned by one of the Largest Australian Companies - Wesfarmers. Wesfarmers are the same company which in 2007 purchased the Coles group retail business for $22 billion making it the largest successful take-over in Australian corporate history. Wesfarmers not only own Officeworks and Coles but they also own Bunnings Hardware, Target, Kmart, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and dozens of other highly profitable businesses throughout Australia. For a more detailed insight into the ownership and history of Officeworks take a look at the wikipedia page dedicated to Officeworks. They have stores all over Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Hobart and South Australia etc.

Some interesting facts about Officeworks

Officeworks has doubled it's earnings since Wesfarmers took it over in 2007 and has continued to grow up until recently as consumer confidence has declined. This decline has been mainly due to the poor economical outlook Australia wide and has affected the majority of industries.

In 2017 Officeworks decided to do a $1.5 billion dollar float but pulled out at the last minute due to concerns about Amazon coming into Australia. Officeworks are not the only company that has fears of the big Amazon takeover as Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Kogan have also expressed their concers.

Officeworks has improved it's return on capital by a massive 8.2% in the past 10 years making it one of Australia's biggest sucess stories. Like them or not many people continue to flock there purely out of convenience and I'm sure that if there was a suitable alternative that wasnt foreign owned then they would do just as well.

Officeworks catalogue price match Guarantee are they serious?

Although Officeworks Catalogue Guarantees to price match any advertised item many customers have found that this is not the case. If you would like to read more about customers dealings with Officeworks in various locations then have a look at the following link - Officeworks catalogue price match guarantee.

So if youre looking for an alternative to Officeworks or Officemax and youre tired of giving your hard earned money to big, multi national companies such as Wesfarmers which hold the general public to ransome by dictating prices on MOST comodities including your weekly food bill and all of your hardware expenditures. If you want to give money to the same company who forces most of the smaller guys such as Mitre 10, Barrys Hardware and Foodland either into bankrupcy or near bankrupcy then keep going there. Why should you have to price match anyhow? At Ink Hub in Adelaide we believe in giving our customers the Lowest prices to begin with. Why make customers pay Top Dollar for a product or even worry about racing around price matching. Compare our prices to Officeworks and join the thousands of other people who are already saving big bucks without having to negotiate! So wether you live in Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne or even Perth we can deliver cartridges to your door and FAST !

If you want real customer service then give Ink Hub a call today and start saving money without even leaving the home or office!

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Note: Ink Hub is in no way wishing to discredit Officeworks as they are a reputable company and the above statements are simply to make people aware that we offer a variety of printing consumables at very competitive prices compared to Officeworks.