Reset Epson Waste Ink Counter

Has your Epson Printer stopped printing due to the Ink Waste Pad being full? This is a common problem and the only solution is to reset the Ink Waste Pad Counter. The only way this can be achieved is by downloading a suitable Software Reset Utility which when launched will reset the counter and get your printer up and running again.

What Causes the Waste Pad Error to Occur?

All inkjet printers use some kind of waste pad which is situated underneath the print head. The waste pad is basically a large foam sponge sitting inside of a plastic container and it absorbs all of the wasted ink which gets pumped through the printer.During a print head cleaning cycle large amounts of ink get pumped through the print head and deposited straight onto the ink waste pad. This automatic cleaning cycle occurs almost every time you turn your printer ON and it's purpose is to keep the microscopic holes in the print head clear of dried ink.Epson Printers use a piezo print head which can clog quite easily if this cleaning process doesn't occur often enough. Most Epson Printer owners will be very aware of the massive amounts of ink this process uses. The printer basically goes into the highest resolution Photo Print mode and squirts a load of ink straight out of the print head and into the waste pad below.

The Solution to Resetting the Ink Waste Pad

The first thing you should know is that when the printer indicates that the pad is full usually they are only about half full so the waste pad itself does not need replacing. The actual printer does not have a sensor but usually it basis its calculations on the number of pages printed. This is all done within the printers software and this is where the software utility plays it's part.Here is the link to Reset the Epson Waste Ink Counter. This site contains Software Utilities to reset the counters of most Epson printers. There are several other sites also offering similar utilities and if you have had success with any of these sites PLEASE let me know so we can add them to our list.Below is a video by the company who run this website showing the basic method of using their software utility. Let us know how you get on with resetting your Epson Printer's Waste Pad !