HP 416X Toner chip replacement

There are no new compatible chips on the market for the HP416 series toner cartridges so everyone is still left having to use the used OEM chips. This means chip availability will be a little bit patchy, meaning supply chain of cartridges that come pre-installed with used OEM chips will be patchy (our supplier can’t guarantee solid supply line for this series, they can with the Mono’s though not the colour series)

Information on the HP#206, #215 & #416 Cartridges;

These HP cartridges have chips that the compatible industry are unable to replicate/reproduce due to legal reasons… patent/trademark on chip coding is being used to prevent replication and let’s be honest here, its sole aim or purpose is to allow HP to capture more market share ultimately at cost to the consumer... We’ve been waiting/wanting chips for this series approx. 24+ months... We do have compatible cartridges that work by transferring the old chip from the used/empty OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) HP.

I’ve attached instructions on how to remove chip from used OEM and transfer to the new compatible, relatively straight forward if it’s the older version, if it’s the newer version I’ll explain below. HP have noticed that the chips are being re-used and started applying heavy adhesive to said chip, with current removal methods it’s making it very difficult to remove the chip without damaging it…

Basically if the chip doesn’t slide out of its holder loosely then the chip will be stuck in place. I’ve been asking customers if they’re able to remove the chip from the cartridge first and if they are able means that they have access to the use of compatible cartridges J. Thankfully the same chip can be used time and time again without issue.

 It doesn’t matter if you’re reusing the starter, low or high yield chips because toner monitoring (Cartridge Policy) feature will be turned off.

HP toner-cartridge-protection supply settings


Ensuring that the “Cartridge Policy Feature” has been disabled. This means that we will have to turn off the Cartridge Policy feature on the printer (instructions in the box and link below). This “Feature” basically disables the toner levels, showing as a ‘?’ in its place, by disabling will allow continued use of the chip! (in the future you can at any time turn the Cartridge Policy Feature back on, if needed.)

 To disable the Cartridge Policy Feature please read details contained in following link HP toner-cartridge-protection supply settings


Advanced Chip Removal Procedure 

Here is a good video on removing the chip. - How to remove the chip from the toner cartridge

Take note of chip orientation, noting transfer section on new compatible toner cartridge, there will be a piece of double sided tape already in place. Cut the Cartridge Shell (black plastic that makes the body of the toner cartridge) away from the sides of chip, using Cutting Pliers or Side Cutters. Removing as much as able so it can be removed from the cartridge albeit piece of black plastic cartridge stuck to back of chip, it doesn’t need to be removed! On the new compatible cartridge there is a piece of double sided tape, we remove the protect-ant side and apply the chip into place, remembering the correct orientation of course J

Note: there is a Chip Removal Tool available in the USA which makes removing the chips a lot easier. See video below: