Epson Photo Stylus R2000 Printhead Cleaning

The Epson Photo Stylus R2000 Inkjet printer is a high end quality printer designed to print high resolution photos. When running well they are an excellent printer but every now and then they need some maintenance. The Epson "Piezo" printhead is well known for clogging, especially if the printer has been sitting around idle or used only in greyscale.

Although the fellow talking in the video suggests using "Windex" as the cleaning fluid we strongly recommend that you use a proper, purpose formulated cleaning fluid as Windex contains Ammonia which can damage your valuable printhead. 

As shown in the video a small amount of cleaning fluid is applied to each nozzle and allowed to sit for several hours. It is even more effective if you can place a piece of "Lint Free" cloth under the printhead as well with cleaning solution applied to this also. This way the solution is able to work from both sides of the printhead.