Printers and Generic Cartridges

Printer with Compatible Cartridges

In recent times there has been a huge swing in popularity to the non brand name inks. Perhaps this trend has been brought on by the slowing economy and the need to cut back on everyday expenses.

Whatever the reason is the non genuine inks have flooded the market and they are here to stay ! Many people are still die hards for the OEM or brand name cartridges however even a large amount of these have converted.

So how do you go about changing to generic inks and what precautions should you take? The first and most important decision (if you don’t already have a printer) is deciding which printer to buy that will work well with the cheaper cartridges.

Choosing the right printer for the job

If you are looking for a new printer specifically to use compatibles with then consider the following points:

1. Choose a printer which compatibles are readily available for.

2. Choose a printer which works well with generic inks

3. Make sure the printer has all the features which you require

4. Read as many reviews about the printer before making the final decision.

Which printers you need to avoid !

Here’s a few tips on which printers to definitely avoid.

1. Avoid All Epson printers as they have a print head that is renowned for clogging and also the company are hell bent on combating the use of compatible cartridges.

2. Avoid any printer which uses cartridges with the actual print head built into the cartridges. These are very expensive to replace even in generic form. Usually these printers are recognisable by their cheap sale price and also most use only 2 cartridges.

3. Try to stay with the more known brands such as Canon, Brother and HP printers.

4. MOST IMPORTANT – check which ink cartridges the printer uses BEFORE you make your purchase. Many people buy on impulse because the printer looks shiny and irresistible but the sting comes when they run out of ink and find out the price of the cartridges.

 Maintaining your new printer

Now that you are home with your wonderful new printer here are some basic tips to make sure it continues working well for years to come:

1. Make sure you buy good quality generic inks from a reputable supplier who has a phone number and address on their website. (if you don’t , expect problems).

2. Follow the instructions carefully when installing inks making sure that breather tapes are removed and any rubber stoppers, clips etc are removed before installing.

3. PRINT REGULARLY ! A printer  will be much healthier if you print at least one colour page per week. This keeps ink flowing through the print head and flushes out any residue in the print head itself.

4. If your printer has had inks installed in it for a long period it pays to remove them and GENTLY wobble them to stop sediment from forming in the bottom of the cartridge. DO NOT shake them as this will aerate the ink and mess up your print head !

5. DO NOT print until the ink has completely run out. It is fine to keep printing for a time after being warned of low ink levels but if you keep printing until no ink remains you will eventually kill your print head.

 Don’t be afraid to give compatible inks a go

Finally don’t be scared to try generic inks as the savings are huge and the chances of you running into problems is almost non existent. If you still cant decide and you need advice call our friendly staff at Ink Hub: Office: (08) 7324 3065 or Mob: 0408 691 299

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Why Does my printer use 2 Black Cartridges ?

Have you ever wondered why your printer uses 2 black cartridges and only 1 of each colour. The reason is simple. In most Canon printers for example the large black contains a pigment based ink which produces very crisp text etc. The other smaller black contains a dye based ink which is used more for photo or image printing.

By using the 2 black cartridges the printer is able to produce crisp, dark text and by switching in picture mode it can also then use the smaller dye based ink to produce the highest quality photos.

Take a look at the video below as it explains this in more detail.

Another reason the printer manufacturers do this is to make extra money. By utilising an extra cartridge it’s extra money in their pockets. Don’t you just love printer manufacturers? You may also like to take a look at the differences between Dye and Pigment based inks.

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What Printer Should I Buy 2014

Choosing a printer 2014Choosing a Printer – 2014

Looking for a new printer for your home or small business? There are so many choices that it can be mind boggling.

To help make the decision easier we thought that we would mention two popular, current model printers and list the distinct advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.

We chose two printers which were both under $110 each to purchase and are reliable as well as very cheap to run (if using generic cartridges). We decided to test both a Laser Printer and an Inkjet Printer and see the differences. The two printers we tested were:

HL-2240D Laser Printer

Brother HL – 2240D Mono Laser Printer

We have been trialling the Brother HL 2240D Laser Printer in our office for the past month. Having always used inkjet printers in the past I wanted something which could print fast. The HL 2240 is a very basic monochrome printer with no frills.

The paper tray is underneath the printer however the feature which impressed me was the manual paper feed at the front. This is great for printing labels or envelopes etc.

The overall feel of the printer is quite flimsy however if treated kindly it should prove reliable. After a month of printing I am quite impressed by the printers performance. It prints extremely fast and print quality is good.

The HL 2240 uses a TN 2240 toner which is good for around 2,500 pages. Using a Generic toner at around $49.90 it proves to be fairly economical to use. Another distinct advantage of the laser printer is that the toner is baked onto the page and wont run or smudge. this is great for label printing or menus etc.

My only gripe with this printer is that it crinkles the labels if they are not put into the manual feed slot perfectly straight. This however is fairly normal for most printers.

The only disadvantages I can see with this printer is that the replacement Drum Unit is around $120 and must be replaced every 12,000 pages. Basically it is cheaper to throw the printer away and buy a new one instead of replacing the drum.

Setting up this printer is very straight forward. Simply unpack the unit, install the toner, load the software and away you go.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a cheap work horse for your home or office which prints fast, cheap and in black and white then it’s hard to go past this printer. If you need to print in colour and you want the convenience of scanning and copying then maybe the next printer below is for you.

Brother DCP 152w printer Brother dcp – 152w Inkjet Printer

The next printer we tested is the Brother dcp-152w Inkjet Printer. This great looking unit will print, scan and copy as well as provide wireless capabilities for printing from any blue tooth capable device.

When setting up this printer the ink compartment felt very flimsy and would need to be handled with care. The small coloured levers which lock the ink cartridges in are even more fragile and care was taken when installing the inks.

Setting this printer up was straight forward and once the software had finished loading we printed our first test page. The first thing we noticed when printing an image was the lack of vibrancy in the colours. This however can be adjusted by changing the colour print modes in the printers software settings.

Overall however I was very impressed with the lay out of the printer, it’s ease of use and it’s wireless capabilities. Print speed was quite good for an inkjet printer and the software is very easy to navigate.

The only disadvantages with this printer that I can see is the fact that it doesn’t take the higher yield cartridges. This however is only a minor issue and it still is a very economical printer to use.

Conclusion: For the price the Brother dcp 152w is a very good buy and I would highly recommend it for a small business or home user. It prints a good picture, it is easy to operate and cheap to run if generic inks are used.

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Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709)

Printer Error MessageWhen installing or setting up a new printer you will need to make sure that you set the printer to “default” once it has been installed. Without having the printer set to default it simply wont work. So if you have tried to do this and have received the 0×00000709 Error Message then here is the solution:

error 0×00000709 Solution


1. Open the Registry editor by typing REGEDIT in the COMMAND Prompt



Next navigate untill you reach the following:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows

2. Right Click the Windows key and click Permission (see image)





Permissions3. Select Allow on Full Control permission and click OK (see image)



4. Close the Registry Editor and restart the computer. Now you should find that the printer can be or is already set to default.

For a more visual version of the 0×00000709 Error Message fix you may like to take a look at the video below. If you get stuck and cant work it out feel free to call our friendly staff at Ink Hub’s Office:  (08) 7324 3065.

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Wireless set up for Canon Pixma Printers

Wireless Connectivity is becoming a standard feature on Most Canon Pixma Printers. Many people however are struggling to to set up the wireless feature so we thought we would use a video to make things easier.

This video covers  the latest model Canon Pixma printers and should help the user to overcome any issues they have been encountering. The following list includes printers which are applicable to the above video: Canon PIXMA iP7260 , Canon PIXMA MG5460 , Canon PIXMA MG5560 , Canon PIXMA MG6360 , Canon PIXMA MG6460 , Canon PIXMA MG7160 , Canon PIXMA MX726 , Canon PIXMA MX926

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The Ink Hub Story

Ink Hub LogoWith so many blog posts about technical jargon and product information I thought that we would put all of that aside and give readers a brief journey through the Story of Ink Hub from it’s humble beginnings to now.

My name is Dean and I am the owner/manager of Ink Hub. My background was mainly focused around the Electronics Industry. After leaving High School I spent 2 years at Regency Park Tafe training to be an Electronic Serviceman.

During this time I was into Ham Radio, CB’s and all sorts of nerdy electronic stuff. I worked in the electronics industry for quite a few years including making prototypes for local and overseas military equipment. Several years down the track I had a complete career change and worked at the “Riverside Golf Course” and also the “Grange Golf Course” as a greenkeeper.

While working at the grange an opportunity came up at the “Enfield Cemetery” and being just around the corner from where I was living I took the position. During the next few years I got married, bought a house and ended up moving out Salisbury way. Around about 2005 I was given my first computer by a very good friend of mine and this is where my interest in web design and the internet began.

I needed a printer to go with my new computer so I ended up purchasing a Brother DCP 110 at our local Big W for around $100. Here’s where the Ink Hub story comes into play. The kids soon used up the ink in our new printer so I headed to the shop to grab some more. I came home empty handed as there was no way I was going to pay over $100 just for the ink.

After searching on the internet for several hours I finally tracked down a cheaper source of ink, purchased it for a song and wow it worked perfectly. The old cogs started moving and the idea of reselling these generic inks seemed like a great idea. I found the wholesaler for these generic inks, bought a heap of them and headed off to my local market to make a killing. The wife looked at me with the look of “Here he goes again” and she was right. Home I come after 3 or so hours without selling a single ink.

I designed the first version of the Ink Hub website based on the Oscommerce platform and went live online in 2007 accepting payments via PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cheque. I continued working at the Enfield Cemetery and after several weeks I thought I’d check the website and Blow Me Down people had actually started placing orders.

We rushed down to the local Post Office, purchased some Express Bags and sent the inks on their way. From this time on it simply got busier and busier until later in 2008 It become so busy that it became a full time business. It’s been a huge learning curve and I’ve learnt so much about SEO, Web Design, Web Hosting and PHP etc.

Nowadays Ink Hub is supplying 1000’s of customers throughout Australia including schools, Large Corporations, Home Business and Home Users. Our Generic Inks have become incredibly popular and we now import all of our cartridges direct with no middle man.

If you are interested in starting an online business I thoroughly recommend that you host it in Australia with a reputable webhost as it can be a huge nightmare with the cheaper overseas companies and the extra money for the Aussie server is money well spent.

So now in 2014 Ink Hub remains a family business servicing around 17,000 customers throughout Australia and continues to grow steadily. Our aim has never changed and our philosophy is simply to provide the very best quality cartridges, low prices, fast delivery times and fantastic customer service.

If you are looking for advice on printers or want to save money on your printer cartridges give us a call: Office: (08) 7324 3065 or  Mob: 0408 691 299



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Preventing Inkjet Ink from smearing

smudged-inkI had an email from a customer this week who was printing menus for a restaurant and wanted to know how to prevent the ink from bleeding when coming into contact with water.

Due to the fact that almost all inks are water soluble (eg: pigments and dyes) when they come into contact with water their natural tendency is to bleed or if only freshly printed to smudge.

In tests we have conducted over the years we have found that the actual Genuine inks take much longer to dry and unless left for some time will smudge very easily. There are certain Epson printers which boast that their combination of inks and papers are totally waterproof.

This is partly true however the costs of the inks and paper are ridiculously high ! Due to this alone most people don’t wish to use the Epson as costs far outway the advantages of being more bleed and smudge resistant.

A Better and Cheaper Solution

hair spray stops ink smudgingAfter trying several methods which were not really successful I found a website claiming that spraying the paper  with hair spray actually stopped the bleeding. Not just any hair spray but apparently VO5 Firm Hold Hair Spray was the best one for the job!

Not having much hair myself I headed for my sons room and found exactly what I was looking for, yes VO5 Firm Hold ! After spraying the hair spray on several pieces of freshly printed paper I was surprised to see how well it worked. After applying generous amounts of H2O to the paper there was almost no signs of bleeding at all !

Laser Printing – the more expensive solution

If you don’t have the time to spray your prints with hair spray then a better solution is to simply use a laser printer. Laser printers don’t actually use ink but they use a powder known as “toner“.

The toner powder actually gets baked onto the paper at very high temperatures. This in turn creates a very tough and durable print which is almost completely resilient to water. Due to the cost of Laser Printers however this method becomes much more expensive.

Final thoughts and solutions

If none of the above methods appeal to you and if you are only doing small amounts of water resistant printing then maybe you could look into purchasing a laminator. Once laminated no amount of moisture will effect the print.

Whatever method you chose be sure to drop us an email and let us know what method worked for you.

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Error c000 on a Canon Printer

Error message c000 appearing on your Canon Printers Screen is quite common and can usually be resolved by trying several procedures. Often it can be resolved by simply turning the printer OFF and then back ON again. If this doesn’t fix the error then you may need to investigate it further and try some of the following:

1. First check for a paper jam associated with the carriage which the print head runs back and forth on. Look for a small piece of paper jammed near the end of the print head carriage.

2. The Ink Cartridges may not be seated correctly. Try removing all ink tanks and then reseat them all firmly. If this doesn’t remove the error try step 3.

Print Head Removal3. Try reseating the actual print head. This is done by removing all of the ink tanks from the print head. Next release the print head by raising the lever on the right hand side of the print head itself. Once fully removed replace it and lower the lever to lock the print head back in.

Usually this will fix the c000 error as it generally indicates that there is a problem with the electrical connections between the print head and the actual printer.

If the problem persists you may want to look into replacing the printer as print heads are usually not much cheaper than the cost of replacing the whole printer.

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Best Printer for Home Use 2014

Best Printer 2014With such a huge selection of printers to chose from how can you decide which printer is right for your home needs? As with most products nowadays there becomes so many different makes and models available that it can become overwhelming.

Before deciding on the best printer for 2014 we have considered a vast number of criteria.

Warning – what to avoid when Buying a Printer

Firstly when talking home printers we usually are referring to Inkjet Printers and not laser. Reason being is that an inkjet printer is a much cheaper to purchase (Colour Printer) and also cheaper to use and maintain in the home environment.

The first thing to avoid when buying a new printer is to become a miser and go for the $39 Canon Printer which is at the front of the display. The inks for these are super expensive and the colour cartridges contain about 30% of the ink compared to a printer using individual colour tanks. As a general rule always avoid printers which use only 2 ink cartridges.

Avoid printers which use a piezo print head. In saying this it basically eliminates every printer except the Canon range. I might sound biased however most people in the printer industry are aware of the brilliant design of the Canon’s Thermal Print Head. The Canon print head lasts longer, very rarely clogs and is the only printer which still uses a removable print head.

The Canon MX 726 gets the Ink Hub 2014 Best Printer Award

Canon MX 726 Best Printer 2014The award for the Best Printer for 2014 goes to the Canon MX726 Inkjet Printer. This printer is a multifunction print, scan, copy and fax with full duplex capabilities. It has full wireless and mobile connectivity as well as double sided printing capabilities.

One of the best features of this printer is that it utilises 5 separate ink tanks which can be replaced individually as needed. These printers run perfectly well with good quality compatible inks and will never give any problems in regards to incompatibilities or print head clogging.

Other features of the Canon MX 726 is the ability for printing direct from cameras or mobile devices and it also has its own card reader for printing from memory cards etc.

Without going into all of the technical jargon concerning print speeds and resolutions let me summarize by stating that the Canon MX726 for home use will be the most reliable, full function printer and using compatible cartridges one of the most economical and trouble free printers on the market.

If you would like further advice on this printer or others please call me (Dean) at Ink Hub’s Office: (08) 7324 3065 or Mob: 040 869 1299


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Canon Pixma Printers. The only choice !

The new 2014 Canon Pixma MX Series Printers are leading the way in technology. With WI-FI connectivity and Full compatibility with SMART devices. No longer do you need to race over to the printer to print a document or image. Now it is simply a matter of connecting via your iPad, Smartphone, laptop or Tablet and simply printing wirelessly.

Need to email a document from your smartphone? Easy, simply place the document on the printer and select “Scan to Smartphone” it’s that simple. There are a number of Canon Pixma printers available and for convenience and economic printing we recommend the printers which use individual ink tanks.

The best 2 Canon Pixma MX printers for economical printing and ease of use are the Canon PIXMA MX726 and the Canon PIXMA MX926. These both use the Canon PGI 650XL and CLI 651XL individual colour ink cartridges.

For more information on various Canon Pixma printers go to the official Canon Website.

For reviews on Canon Printers go to It’s a great site.

At our office (Ink Hub) we have used various printers for our invoicing etc and the Canon are by far the most reliable and easy to operate. Also keep in mind that the Canon printers are the only ones which use a “Thermal” print head. The thermal print head is not prone to clogging even when the printer is not used over a long period.

Most other Inkjet Printers use a piezo print head and they are known for clogging and various other issues. Another advantage with the Canon is that the print head is easily removed. This is useful in the unlikely case that the print head becomes clogged or needs replacing.

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