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Welcome to our printer help blog where you can find answers to some of your questions regarding printers and printer consumables. If you have questions you would like us to address please email us and we will endeavour to provide answers for you on this page.

The articles on this blog are to do with the most common problems people have with printers and their associated cartridges. Often problems with printers can be solved easily by contacting our office and our qualified staff who have been in the printer industry for many years are very likely to have the solution.

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Brother Inkjet Printers - Ink Levels

Have you ever wondered how your Brother Inkjet Printer detects the ink levels in each cartridge? Unlike most inkjet printers which use a small micro chip the Brother Printer uses small infrared beams which shoot through the small window (see image to left) on your cartridge and determines how much ink is left. 

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The Inkjet Printer Scam

Ever bought a bag of chips, opened them and realised that you've just paid for a bag which contains about 60% air ? Well apparently the big guns from Epson, Brother, HP and Canon have had a meeting with the CEO from Smiths Chips and have decided to do the same with their cartridges ! 

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Canon PGI and CLI Ink Cartridges Explained

Most people seem to be completely confused about the difference between the Large PGI black and the small CLI black cartridges which are used in most Canon inkjet printers. 

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How to remove ink from your hands

Have you ever been refilling or messing with an ink cartridge and ended up with hands like these in the picture ? All is not lost as there are ways to easily remove the stains so you can look like a normal human being once more. 

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