Canon Pixma Printers. The only choice !

The new 2014 Canon Pixma MX Series Printers are leading the way in technology. With WI-FI connectivity and Full compatibility with SMART devices. No longer do you need to race over to the printer to print a document or image. Now it is simply a matter of connecting via your iPad, Smartphone, laptop or Tablet and simply printing wirelessly.

Need to email a document from your smartphone? Easy, simply place the document on the printer and select "Scan to Smartphone" it's that simple. There are a number of Canon Pixma printers available and for convenience and economic printing we recommend the printers which use individual ink tanks.The best 2 Canon Pixma MX printers for economical printing and ease of use are the Canon PIXMA MX726 and the Canon PIXMA MX926.

These both use the Canon PGI 650XL and CLI 651XL individual colour ink cartridges.For more information on various Canon Pixma printers go to the official Canon Website. For reviews on Canon Printers go to It's a great site.At our office (Ink Hub) we have used various printers for our invoicing etc and the Canon are by far the most reliable and easy to operate. Also keep in mind that the Canon printers are the only ones which use a "Thermal" print head.

The thermal print head is not prone to clogging even when the printer is not used over a long period.Most other Inkjet Printers use a piezo print head and they are known for clogging and various other issues. Another advantage with the Canon is that the print head is easily removed. This is useful in the unlikely case that the print head becomes clogged or needs replacing.