Printing without Ink

Are Ink Cartridges soon to become a thing of the past? Technology is flying along in leaps and bounds and even back as far as 2007 the technology to print without ink or toner was around. This was achieved by impregnating paper with "dye crystals" which were activated to produce various colours by the application of heat. As long as the printer applied the heat in the correct manner via complex firmware the paper would produce life like pictures similar to those of the modern inkjet printer.

Polaroid used this technology years ago to produce their instant mobile photo printer. Another big gun of the printer industry 'Xerox' has taken this technology a step further. They have produced a printer which prints on a new "chemically impregnated" paper. The printer uses UV light which strikes the paper according to where the image is required. The image can be removed also in a similar process making the paper fully re usable !

Does this mean that companies like Epson will start making their paper with tiny microchips embedded into it ? If you dont use the correct paper will you get some kind of warning similar to this: Warning "This paper cannot be Recognised" Please use Genuine Epson Paper or you will void your Warranty !