Save on Printer Ink by Leaving the Power On

Did you know that by turning off the power to your printer at the wall it is actually costing you money? Electricity costs have soared in the past few years and we are all trying to save money however sometimes if were not careful it can backfire on us.

The average inkjet printer in your home will actually use almost negligible amounts of power when turned off at the printers on/off button.

What turning it off at the wall actually does is to reset the printers memory causing it to go into maintenance mode every time that the power is turned back on.

Why Leaving the Power Turned on Saves You Money

When the power to the printer is restored and the printer maintenance mode gets activated the printer will start to do an automatic print head clean. A print head clean actually pumps huge amounts of your valuable ink through the print head and straight out into the waste pad. It does this due to the printers memory being reset due to the power being turned off and therefore it assumes that it must need a clean to make sure the nozzles on the print head are clear. This is the whole idea of the maintenance mode to clear out any debris or dried ink which may clog some of the small holes which the print head spits the ink out of onto the paper.

As you can provably gather if this occurs at least once a day when you turn the power back on then your ink cartridges are not going to last very long at all !

Why Does maintenance Mode Waste so Much Ink?

The reason why the maintenance mode uses so much ink is because it basically goes into high resolution photo printing mode to make sure extra ink gets pushed through the print head to keep it clean. Epson printers are renowned for this as they use a "Piezo" print head which tends to clog more readily than the more preferred Canon "Thermal" or "Bubble Jet" print head.

More Reasons for Leaving a Printer's Power Turned On

When a printer is turned off by its own ON/OFF switch it actually parks the ink cartridges to the side of the waste pad to prevent the ink cartridges from drying out. If you by chance turn the printer OFF at the wall and not at the printer the ink cartridges will not get parked can cause them to dry out or evaporate at a much higher rate.

Finally every time that you turn the power back on at the wall it actually uses larger amounts of power by automatically going into maintenance mode. There is no doubt that by leaving the power turned ON at the wall it will work out far cheaper and the printer itself will actually last longer.